Custom Hardware

Custom Hardware | Handmade

Soft-hammered Suite

Levers - Knobs - Pulls - Cabinet Hardware

Array of finishes available

All images by Lorenzo Cassina

Levers & Plates

For interior & exterior openings with regular or multi-point system


Active for regular doors or fixed for closets & cabinets

Pull & Plate

For doors & cabinets

Edge Pull

Edge Pulls are a great option for minimalist design on regular interior doors. Ideal for closet doors, hidden openings & cabinetry

Retro - Classic - Contemporary - Modern - Eclectic - Ornate

Stepped Knob

Knobs Array

Classic Knob

Contemporary Melon Knob

Lion's Head Knob

Old World Handcraft

Ribbon & Reed Lever | Renaissance Lever

Beaded Door Knob

Antique Silver Plated

Reed & Leaves

Tudor Design

Ribbon & Reed Oval

Array of hardware appointments for all of your project needs

Glass Knobs

"T" Thumb Turn

Fluted Thumb Turn

Zeppelin Thumb Turn

Classic Knobs

Flush Pulls

Turned Levers

Minimalist Design


Unlike mass-produced hardware we manufacture our custom line in the old-fashioned way by paying attention to details and creating one masterpiece at a time.

With no prefabricated items waiting on a shelf to be sold, after our professional specifications are approved an order is placed for production. A considerable amount of time is devoted to each project rendering full dedication & craftsmanship to make our products shine. We strive for excellence!

We are ready to discuss your project welcoming your ideas & challenges.

Lorenzo Cassina - Custom Hardware Designer & Consultant