Door & Cabinet Hardware | Made in England

All pictures shown are by Turnstyle Designs

New 2020 Door Knobs Stacked Design


A wide variety of designs, metals, leathers, finishes & textures to embellish your doors and home ambiance

New 2020 Levers Labyrinth Design

Hand Hammered


Metal & Leather Design

Bridge Hammered Lever

Barrel Hammered Pull

Rough Cut Lever

Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet T-Bar Handles coordinating door hardware

New 2020 Faceted Suite

Large selection of Knobs & Pulls designs, either turned, stitched, smooth or textured

New 2020 Goose Neck Pulls

Array of cabinet hardware appointments for furniture, large closets and doors

Square Ledge Pulls Hand Hammered

Leather Handles Hand Stitched

Pantry Cabinets Leather Pulls

New 2020 Labyrinth Design

Large selection of cabinet pulls

All pictures by Turnstyle Designs

Woven Barrel Leather Pulls

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