Custom Hardware

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Custom Door & Cabinet Hardware | Made in America | Half a century of expertise

Makers of beautiful hardware for beautiful homes

Covering a wide spectrum of decorative hardware items, from our own

custom made line manufactured using first quality metals in purity and gauge,

to the best hardware in the market from a variety of manufacturers to suit your needs.

Our custom line is individually crafted by artisans, therefore, unlike mass produced

hardware slight variations should be allowed if compared to a companion piece.

In addition to a smooth texture available across the line, for our custom made collection

we offer handmade textures such as Soft-hammered & Distressed on selected items.

We design, specify and sell our handmade custom hardware products.

Please share your ideas with us and we will customize them for you.

Quality & Service is our main goal - We strive for excellence!

2o2o Collection



From start to finish we sketch, design, and manufacture custom hardware for unique projects. We specify, sell, and deliver your hardware order packed per opening for ease during installation time.

Try our unparalleled services by choosing our current designs or by commissioning us to meet your project dreams.

Lorenzo Cassina | Custom Hardware Designer & Consultant

Minimalist Designs

Elegant & sophisticated yet minimalist designed hardware makes for a unique home


Clean & Simple

Handmade Door Hardware | Modern - Contemporary - Classic - Ornate

Custom hardware made to order. Handcrafted & tailored for your home

Masterpieces in design and craftsmanship - Handmade

Handmade Cabinet Hardware


Commissioned by an Interior Design firm located in Florida's West Coast, a loyal customer from last century to date, we have designed & created this beautiful piece of hardware for a large entertainment unit to pull & push retractable doors to cover all sound & vision equipment. Solid brass metal was the material used embellished with a delicate Soft-hammered handmade texture. Finished in our unique Light Pewter.

Project | Bay Colony - Naples, Florida - Circa 2009


Although this is not an easy product to make it could be customized to your needs. However, circular designs may have diameter size limitations based on the overall measurements. Square & rectangular shaped plates are also available to suit your design and project needs.

Designed by Lorenzo Cassina

Portfolio | Showcasing some of our unique projects

Cassina Collection


Georgia Yacht

Henderson - New Zealand

Georgia Yacht

Henderson - New Zealand

Star Island

Miami - Florida

Star Island

Miami - Florida

Cassina Collection


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